Sunday, May 23, 2010

At long last..

Happy to report that Maddox has been released from the hospital.

Dr. Waner recommended a walk so we walked through Central Park and even squeezed in a few bites of a famous New York hot dog.

Maddox has to be back at the clinic tomorrow at 10:00 to have his eye & the drainage tubes checked.

Will update again soon.


The strength of a boy....

It is with a much lighter heart that I write this post today.

I have been fortunate to make the journey to New York to join my family.

I expected to see Maddox resting & uncomfortable but rather he gave me a lesson on how to be strong.

He was teaching us how to laugh, smile and the best park of all.....WINK!

It was nice to be able to sit and cuddle him on my lap even if it was for a brief moment.

He is doing remarkably well.

Dr. Waner & Dr. Fay are optimistically hopeful that Maddox still has vision in his eye and no cataract.

If Maddox continues to recover quickly and all goes well Dr. Waner would like to start the second surgery in 4-6 weeks rather than waiting until September.

Maddox was awake at 6:00am tearing around the hospital...if we could only bottle that resiliency....

We are awaiting word as to whether or not Maddox gets to leave the hospital.

Thank you to Disney for sending over a care package for Maddox, I am told he watched "Cars" at least 6 times yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who continues to rally around Maddox & keep him in their prayers. You have all helped to make this possible for him. For that we are eternally grateful.

Will post soon....


Friday, May 21, 2010

Surgery...a HUGE success

Surgery began at 11:15 (EST). It took a approximately 4 hours for Dr. Waner & Dr. Fay to work their magic. The surgery went incredibly well. The mass above Maddox's eye has been removed allowing our family to see both of Maddox's eyes for the first time since he was born.

Dr. Waner was happy to see that Maddox's muscles under the mass looked viable & healthy.

See link for latest interview with Dr. Waner:

Maddox is currently being watched very closely by all of the Doctors & his family in the ICU.

Maddox your strength is inspiring....we love you....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks for following us

Thanks for taking the time to follow us along Maddox's is my pleasure to keep the blog updated. (Thanks Mom for sending all of the pictures). Feel free to make any recommendations.
Kelli Flynn-Pardo

ABC News

Pictured: Dr. Milton Waner

ABC News Interview done this afternoon:

A BIG day, so much to report...

What a busy day!

First things first, another appointment with Dr. Waner who was joined by Dr. Fay (the plastic surgeon working along side Dr. Waner)

An outline of the surgery was given to the family and everyone left feeling very hopeful, optimistic, grateful & excited. The nerves are also starting to set in.

Media, Media, Media

Daryl McIntyre of CTV news joined Mike & Maddox in New York today. Mike & Maddox were happy to see him and the CTV crew. We are so grateful to CTV for all of the coverage and the compassion they have shown to our family.

After an interview with CBC and then ABC it was off for a bath and to bed for Maddox. He needs his rest for the big day tomorrow.

Many thanks to Robert Rush & Liane Higgs at the Park Central New York Hotel for graciously donating 2 rooms for the family to stay in while Maddox recovers. Thank you for giving us a "home away from home".

Mom (Nicole Champagne) will be arriving tomorrow afternoon to be with Maddox.

Surgery is scheduled for 10:00 am.

Please say a prayer for Maddox, will update the blog very soon!

Our love & thanks to all

Maddox's Family

New York, New York!!

A familiar friend stops to say hello!
Mike & Maddox spent the day enjoying New York.
After an interview with K-97 (radio) & an American cable outlet they managed to take in a few sights.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maddox the pilot!

Happy to report the flight went well and everyone arrived safely.

Heartfelt Thanks

A big thank you to Keshia from Urban Design Studio for setting up our fabulous blog.
Another big thanks to Michael Fahlman @ TD Canada Trust for setting up our trust account.
We can not express enough how grateful we are!

Leaving On an Airplane...

Thanks for joining us on Maddox's Journey :)
At 7:00 am today Maddox & Mike boarded a plane bound for New York.
(Tune in to Global & CTV news for coverage)
Thank you to Hope Air for donating 2 seats for Maddox & Mike to get to New York safely.
Will let you know how the flight went soon...