Sunday, May 23, 2010

At long last..

Happy to report that Maddox has been released from the hospital.

Dr. Waner recommended a walk so we walked through Central Park and even squeezed in a few bites of a famous New York hot dog.

Maddox has to be back at the clinic tomorrow at 10:00 to have his eye & the drainage tubes checked.

Will update again soon.



  1. I saw Maddox's story on the news a few days ago, i'm so glad i came across this blog to see how he is doing!! Oh he just melted my heart in that news story!! My best wishes to Maddox and his family!!!!!!

  2. Looking good!!! Glad all is going well for you guys.

  3. My heart goes to Maddox and family. I will be praying for you! I have invited friends to follow your blog and they will be praying for you too! Lots of love from Portland, Oregon!!! God is good and thank goodness for amazing doctors! yeah! Maddox, you are an inspiration, I wish I was a strong as you are. Keep it up! God has awesome plans for you!

  4. Dear Parents, God bless you for your faithful love to your delightful child.
    You are in New York where many miracles have taken place.Check out this site.

    Call and ask for a rose petal and go visit the grounds Jesus And Mary will be there for you. Ask for all the miracles you need. I Believe!!! You will be rewarded by God if you do. Call those at this site. Phone: 1-616-698-6448 Talk to them and tell them Maddox's story. I will pray for you all.
    A friend in Ed.Ab, Lina

  5. Thanks the Lord we live in a high tech world as in olden days this will consider to be non-curable and Maddox is so blessed to have 2 great and courageous parents to support and help him all the way. God bless this family!!!