Thursday, May 20, 2010

A BIG day, so much to report...

What a busy day!

First things first, another appointment with Dr. Waner who was joined by Dr. Fay (the plastic surgeon working along side Dr. Waner)

An outline of the surgery was given to the family and everyone left feeling very hopeful, optimistic, grateful & excited. The nerves are also starting to set in.

Media, Media, Media

Daryl McIntyre of CTV news joined Mike & Maddox in New York today. Mike & Maddox were happy to see him and the CTV crew. We are so grateful to CTV for all of the coverage and the compassion they have shown to our family.

After an interview with CBC and then ABC it was off for a bath and to bed for Maddox. He needs his rest for the big day tomorrow.

Many thanks to Robert Rush & Liane Higgs at the Park Central New York Hotel for graciously donating 2 rooms for the family to stay in while Maddox recovers. Thank you for giving us a "home away from home".

Mom (Nicole Champagne) will be arriving tomorrow afternoon to be with Maddox.

Surgery is scheduled for 10:00 am.

Please say a prayer for Maddox, will update the blog very soon!

Our love & thanks to all

Maddox's Family


  1. Auntie loves you Maddox, best of luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you all day!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. How amazing people can be when a child is involved!
    We will have Maddox in our thoughts all day as well.

  3. Continuing to think and pray for Maddox and his family. A brave little guy for sure!
    I am happy to see that donations have been coming in to help him get this surgery.