Friday, May 21, 2010

Surgery...a HUGE success

Surgery began at 11:15 (EST). It took a approximately 4 hours for Dr. Waner & Dr. Fay to work their magic. The surgery went incredibly well. The mass above Maddox's eye has been removed allowing our family to see both of Maddox's eyes for the first time since he was born.

Dr. Waner was happy to see that Maddox's muscles under the mass looked viable & healthy.

See link for latest interview with Dr. Waner:

Maddox is currently being watched very closely by all of the Doctors & his family in the ICU.

Maddox your strength is inspiring....we love you....


  1. Truly amazing! Way to be a fighter Maddox, you are an amazing litte boy. Your story has touched me so much and I will continue to follow you during this journey.
    To Maddoxs' parents...thank you for sharing his journey with us.

  2. Way to go little Maddox!!!! We are following your amazing strength through all of this. We love you!!!

  3. Dr Waner is truly a miracle worker - his life's dedication to children is a blessing from God! We are so happy for you that you found him as we did January 16, 2008. I am little Sarah's Pa Pa and I encourage you and your audience to visit my son's blog for Sarah at We have been Blessed! Thank you Dr Waner!

  4. Following your story... I am so glad he's doing well. Praying as always. I am so glad God lead you to Dr. Waner, he is a blessing!

  5. Plusieurs Prieres Vont Allez verser Votre fils Maddox ... J'Ai Tant Priez Pour mon fils Souffrant d'ONU cervicale lymphangiome (CUO UA) il un SNA Maintenant 2 .. JE comprends Tout CE Que Vous Vivez .. JE VOUS souhaite bon courage Restez positif. Notre famille s'ajoute A la vôtre. prirons UNO Pour Vous .. Maddox Guérit Vite et Bien XXX gros calin

  6. Thank you Dr. Waner for helping Maddox. I am so thankful that little Maddox is doing well after his surgery. I hope that this will make a huge difference in his life. I am the mother of a special needs handicapped child, that has undergone several surgeries. So, I can relate to the fear and anxiety you must feel as his parents. I will also be praying for you to have strength and comfort. I wrote a blog post for Maddox. I hope to bring as much attention to him as possible. You will need a lot more $ help as these surgeries continue.