Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks for following us

Thanks for taking the time to follow us along Maddox's is my pleasure to keep the blog updated. (Thanks Mom for sending all of the pictures). Feel free to make any recommendations.
Kelli Flynn-Pardo


  1. The blog looks awesome Kell...Love you so much!!! Hugs, prayers and our thoughts are with this special little boy!!

  2. God has a special plan even through great trials in our lives. He is merciful especially for our little ones. I am a father in Knoxville, TN who saw the mercy of God firsthand when He saved my newborn from a serious heart defect. My son, Michael, is now 17 years old. Hold on to God's promises. He is not the author of this event. He is the Healer of your son. We are praying for Maddox!!!! May the Lord heal him and bring him much life! In the Name of Jesus! Amen.