Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bump in the road...

Happy to report Maddox is still doing great!

Maddox had to make a trip back to New York yesterday after his drainage tube came out & his eye quickly swelled shut.

Maddox had surgery this morning to replace the tube. While Dr. Waner was replacing the tube he decided to remove some of the extra skin around Maddox's eye.

Everything went great and Maddox is doing well.

We are hoping to have him back home by Friday.

Thank you for keeping our little man in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Maddox you are one very strong little boy!!
    Glad to hear things went well with the drainage tube, i saw him on the news and thought oh no i hope he is ok, thank goodness!!! Maddox for some reason has caught my eye and i love to hear and read about his progress, he is now in my thoughts and prayers right along with my two boys!! Lots of love, Liz

  2. Kelli,

    I saw you and your family on the news the other night, and then saw an article about your son Maddox and was touched. I will tell you that I was also born with a cystic hygroma on the left side of my face that hung from my cheek and mouth area. I was born in 1974 and was able to have the hygroma removed and the surgery was a success. I live in canada in ontario and I know in my heart that your son will look like the rest of the children it will take time. I went through 3 surgeries by the time I was 3. Granted your son's is a bit more involved on the face than mine was, but the only remnants of my hygroma is a scar on the left side of my neck, and a small crooked smile that gives me character. I can understand what you and your family are going through, and just want to let you know that there is hope and my thoughts are with you.