Monday, July 19, 2010

At Long Last

Finally the big day has come. The second surgery is complete.

Happy to report that everything went very well. Maddox was in surgery for 5.5 hours today.

Everyone waited with baited breath to see how Maddox would look.

How do you top perfection?

It was amazing to see his cheek without a swollen mass. (Dr. Waner did leave a small amount of mass in the cheek that can be treated with injections at a later date)

He also took some time to "tweak" his eye to make it look a little better.

Maddox will stay in the hospital for a few days so Dr. Waner can keep an eye on him.

He is resting well and watching his favorite movie, Cars.

There have been lots of requests for media interviews and Mike & Nicole are doing their best to accommodate.

We are hoping to have Maddox home on the 27th.

It will be nice to see Maddox adjust to life without the masses taking over much of his face.

Here's hoping that it will be easier for him to talk as well.

I am sure Mike & Nicole are dying to hear him say Mom & Dad.

Mike & Nicole wish to thank everyone for their love, support, compassion & prayers.

Praying for a speedy recovery. Will update again soon.



  1. I have just learned of this inspirational family and amazing little boy Maddox. He reminds me of my Son Evan who is a very loving sensitive 3 year old boy. His parents, strength, love and devotion to their son is a lesson to us all. I was very moved, Maddox will be in my prayers and I hope he has beautiful days filled with happiness. You are an incredible young family, Keep up the great work and Keep Going Strong Lil' Buddy. Lots of Love. Duane Russell, Rebel 7 Graphics. I would like to donate any services my company can provide to help your Son, if anything I can do, please contact me at

  2. I WAS EXCITED to see Maddox on the news last night, i pray for him and im glad to see he is going to have a normal life, {{{{hugs}}}} to him, Much Love, Liz

  3. I read about Maddox just a few days after his most recent surgery. I was looking for information about lymphangioma(s). My own little boy, who is now 18 months, has been diagnosed with this same thing. He has always had one side of his face that is noticablly fuller than the other. I just thought he had a difficult delivery at first and then did not really notice it after a that. Other people would ask what was wrong with him, did he have palsey or a bee sting? I just answered, ah that is just how he was born. Until April, when he spent 5 days in the hospital with an infection that made his sweet little face blow up like a balloon. we still don't have many answers, they think that his lymph channels became infected. Anyway, after a few weeks of recovery he had an mri. The dr said it was a lymphangioma and that there was nothing to do now. Watch for future infection and it will probably get better as he gets older.
    As I am sure you understand, I am heartsick and frustrated with this advice. My little one has not been affected as much as your sweet little Maddox, and is currently doing absolutely fine. At this point I just explain to curious people that it is a birth defect and there is not much we can do at this point.
    I am sharing this with you to let you know that I have thought about you and your family the last month or so and hope all is going well. I would love to hear about Maddox's progress. I will be checking your blog to see how things are going, and will continue to keep my thoughts and prayers with you.

  4. I just learned of Maddox's condition from the news and Im truly happy for all the amazing progress in his journey, may he continue to be blessed.